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On June 15th embassies of the Nordic and Baltic countries in Prague invited to their common celebration of the countries’ national days; the event was held for the 10th time already. Ambassadors addressed the guests with the traditional “one sentence speech”, and invited them to experience national foods and beverages of each country at national tables. The main theme of this year’s event was Agenda 2030, United Nations sustainable development agenda set to achieve before the year 2030.

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March 8 to 9, in Prague and Brno, two concerts of the Baltic Guitar Quartet were held on the occasion of the 27th anniversary of restoration of the Lithuanian independence. For the second year in a row Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Prague marks this day with a presentation of modern, future-focused Lithuanian musicians. Concerts in two outstanding venues had a numerous audience who are now becoming regular fans of Lithuanian music.

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March 1, a screening of a Lithuanian film “Mission Siberia: Fourteen Days of Uncertainty or How We Sipped on Coffee With Gradnma” directed by Julija Ciurupa, capturing the 2015 expedition to the Tomsk region, was screened as part of the documentary film program of the Mene Tekel festival. The film was screened abroad for the first time.

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Feb. 11., Embassy of Lithuania in the Czech Republic together with the Lithuanian Saturday language school “Debesynas” organized a colorful and extraordinary event marking the Day of Restoration of Lithuania’s Independence. The celebration, taking place in the building where Jonas Basanavičius, the instigator of the Lithuanian restoration movement, lived through 1883-84, took those attending to the beginning of the 20th century.  Dressed in the outfits of the period, the staff of the embassy and teachers from “Debesynas” school were encouraging the community and the locals from Prague to participate in a century old photo session and try a number of Lithuanian delicatessens.

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We invite you to join us in the 99th celebration of the Day of Restoration of Lithuania’s Independence and journey with us into the beginning of the 20th century.

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Jan. 12, the Lithuanian community in the Czech Republic and its friends gathered at the Embassy in Prague to mark the tragic events of January 13th, 1991. The evening started with the screening of an episode from a Lithuanian television series “The Detective Stories of History” that focused on the little known facts and witness accounts of the historic events. The screening was followed by the guests moving outdoors where the embassy lawn was decorated in forget-me-nots, a national symbol for remembering the day; there they lit candles in the shape of Columns of Gediminas and built a symbolic fire for freedom. Ambassador of Latvia to the Czech Republic Alberts Sarkanis, who at the time of the January events was posted as the Latvian ambassador to Lithuania, was also participating.

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Dec. 18, Lithuanian community gathered in Prague to celebrate Christmas together. Those attending, and especially the youngest ones of them all, were warmly met and entertained by the theater “Labaiteatras” from Lithuania and their performance of their fairytale “Around the World.” The story had the audience take part in journey that ended with a visit from Santa who handed children sweets produced by "Pergalė." Lithuanian Saturday school “Debesynas” was also there to entertain the celebration with games that involved the parents and children alike. Everyone contributed to preparing desserts, sweets and savory dishes for the joyful event.

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Dec. 6, Embassy of Lithuania together with the CEELI Institute in Prague held an event presenting a project by a Lithuanian youth organization "Mission Siberia 2016," accompanied by an opening of the photo exhibition showcasing a decade of the project‘s work, and a panel discussion. As the Ambassador of Lithuania to the Czech Republic, Edvilas Raudonikis, said in his opening remarks, “the purpose of such events is to remind us of the horrific fate that fell onto a large segment of the Lithuanian nation and to show us how the young Lithuanians today seek to reconnect with their nation’s past and build bridges to the future.”

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The first Sunday of Advent the annual Christmas festival, organized by the Diplomatic Spouses Association in Czech Republic, gathered the embassies in Prague for the charitable event. The table of the Embassy of Lithuania was characterized by a tasteful and creative display installation, handcrafted items like decorative angels,, knitted slippers, and playful tags for glasses crafted by the staff of the embassy and their friends. As usual, “Džiugas“ cheese  and “Šakotis“ were  available as well. All of the proceeds of the event go to charity, and we are delighted that the Embassy of Lithuania is able to contribute increasingly more each year.  

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To mark the 98th anniversary of the start of the diplomatic service and the Day of the Diplomat in Lithuania on November 7th, Ambassador of Lithuania to the Czech Republic Edvilas Raudonikis together with the Second Secretary Mindaugas Stanys, shared their experience and insights about the history of diplomacy, the beginnings of the Lithuanian diplomacy, and the nature of diplomatic work to the students of the Lithuanian language Saturday school “Debesynas.” During the class the students were also given tasks that tested what it takes to find an agreement despite divided interests – given the right tools all students arrived at exemplary compromises.

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October 27, Embassy of Lithuania in Prague held the sixth gathering of the Lithuanian students studying in Czech Republic and Czech students studying the Lithuanian language in Czech Republic. The annual event aims at establishing communication between the students themselves, and at introducing the Lithuanian study programs at the Prague Charles University and the Brno Masaryk University.

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Oct. 13, Embassy of Lithuania held a discussion with Rūta Šepetys, an acclaimed author of Lithuanian origin, in an event that gathered members of the diplomatic corps, nongovernmental organizations, members of the academic community and journalist. The discussion, inspired by Rūta Šepetys’ internationally recognized novels, centered on the topic of the growth of confrontational politics in Europe and the world.

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October 10, at the Czech Parliament, a photo exhibition “Mission: Siberia: Why Do Young Lithuanians travel to Siberia” was opened. The exhibition was organized by the Embassy of Lithuania in the Czech Republic together with the nongovernmental organization “Jauniems” and the member of the Czech Parliament Jaroslav Holík responsible for the Lithuanian-Czech parliamentary cooperation. The opening was attended by the members of Czech parliament, diplomatic corps, journalists; the guests also had a chance to view the documentary film Mission: Siberia ’15 recounting the previous year’s journey.  

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Sept. 22, 2016, Embassy of Lithuania together with the embassies of Latvia and Estonia marked the day of the Baltic Unity in Prague. The event that took place in cooperation with the Prague Film School gathered Czech journalists and diplomats stationed in Prague for the screening of the film “Those Who Dare” directed by the Icelandic director Ólafur Rögnvaldsson. The film takes a look at the history of the Baltic fight for independence and the trip of the Foreign Affairs Minister of Iceland Jón Baldvin Hannibalsson across the Baltic states in the January of 1991.

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May 20, the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra performed the symphonic poem "The Sea" by the Lithuanian composer and painter Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis. The concert was the initiative of the Brno Philharmonic's arts director Viteslav Mikeš, who aimed to present the work of the creatively diverse and world renowned Lithuania composer to the Czech audiences.

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